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Effective boards and good governance are essential to every nonprofit, especially as organizations grow and become more complex. Sutherland~Edwards can review governance structures, policies and processes, and recommend changes to reflect current best practices in the field. We offer in-depth Board training and facilitation services, and can provide coaching for both Board leaders and nonprofit executives to improve participation, communications, recruitment and retention. We also consult with community foundations regarding National Standards compliance.


Client: A 40-year-old community foundation with assets of $170 million

Our Work: Evaluated the foundation’s governance practices, and designed changes to overhaul the committee structure and establish a new executive committee.

Results: With fewer Board meetings, and more work done in committee, the Board refocused its attention on strategic priorities. Board members became engaged in committee meetings, rather than relying on staff input. A new executive committee was formed and given clearly defined responsibilities, increasing the efficiency of the entire Board.


Client: Start-up community foundation

Our Work: Educated a founding Board and community leaders about the vital role of a community foundation Board, and provided in-depth Board training. Continued working closely with the Board for two years to guide them as operations began and the foundation grew. Developed a governance structure for the foundation, including all policies, documents and a Board manual.

Results: A new community foundation grew from an idea to a thriving and impactful philanthropic organization.

Frankly, you, Sutherland~ Edwards, have made me rethink my long-standing ambivalence toward these processes. Let’s do another!"

Dan Baldwin, President/CEO
Community Foundation for Monterey County

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